Workable Solutions

Dec 07, 2023 by Rose O'Keefe

Raz and Rubel, professors at the University of Rochester, showed that our community would be better off for allowing people on all sides of conflicts to grieve, protest and organize. I was grateful this thoughtful article saw the light of day.

Another good one was forwarded to me last month: “An Everyday Miracle at Cornell University” by Jane Marie Law, associate professor of Asian studies. One of the miracles that Law shared was how a class of 23 students of every ethnicity, income, nationality, gender, religion, culture, and health, came together after the atrocities in October. They chose to open up to each other, learn, share and grow. When Cornell University announced closing for a day of community reflection, Law scheduled a “Zoomin’ in Your Jammies Day” to read poetry about healing and nature. She described what happens all the time when young people meet people very different from themselves at college  -- they build friendships and bonds that last a lifetime. That article: Cornell Faculty Senate at

As I was finishing reading the 1992 Newbery Award winner, Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, it seemed worlds apart from the current horrors in the Middle East. It told the story of Marty, an 11-year-old country boy from West Virginia who was determined to save a small dog from its mean owner. Marty’s drive to hide and save the scared dog, addressed how to face a bully and find a workable solution. And work he did! What a good story. #RochesterDandC; #YourTurn; #MicalRaz; #NoraRubel; #UR; #JaneMarieLaw; #CornellUniversity; #Everyday Miracle; #Shiloh; #NewberyAward;