Full Circle

Dec 04, 2023 by Rose O'Keefe

The BASWA, business association event -- IAWL  in the South Wedge -- brought happy shoppers to the neighborhood. Since Boulder Coffee Café was on the edge of the caroling and crowds, it was quieter there, but I had the pleasure of meeting Boulder’s owner, Keith Rose. While doing updates for the BASWA magazine that came out in November, a little voice in the back of my head had wondered if Boulder still had the same owners I had interviewed a few years ago? I missed including Boulder in the updates. Ends up, BASWA held its monthly meeting at Boulder in September.  I didn’t meet Keith then, but I now plan to contact him for the May issue ahead of BASWA’s big annual fundraiser, the Beer Expo, in June. Full Circle. Life is good.

Many thanks to event sponsors: Axom Home, Abundance Co-op, Boulder Coffee, Caverly’s Irish Pub, City Magazine, City of Rochester, Happy Earth Tea, Hedonist Chocolates, Highland Hospital, Hipocampo Books, Historic Houseparts, John’s Tex-Mex, Lux Lounge, Postler & Jaeckle, and Swiftwater Brewing.

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