Art credit above: Maria Friske Mural Titled Always Know Your Neighbor

Rose O'Keefe

While Rose O'Keefe grew up mostly near New York City, after living in France for four years as a girl, she returned to the States knowing that other countries see life differently. As the daughter of an English immigrant and the D-I-L of a Lebanese immigrant, she has had close experience with different cultures. After Rose graduated from SUNY Potsdam, she moved to Rochester, New York, in the beautiful Finger Lakes area. Rose is the author of five history books that promote the contributions to human rights of the entire family of Frederick and Anna Murray Douglass. She now gives a larger view of the complicated story of human rights activism.


Researching this area’s history is like diving into a bottomless well full of rocks and rainbows. Some of the history is very painful and some of it is truly inspiring. I think it’s important that people who may have been rivals or enemies in the past learn to get along in the present. I definitely believe in “United We Stand.

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