What a Gift!

Jun 10, 2022 by Rose O'Keefe

It took two reads to figure out that part of its magic was that the doll’s eyes moved as if she were alive. The text was captivating too. “I felt happy as is often the case when we have the least reason to be” was Hitty’s thought before another mishap. After belonging to many different owners all around the world, Hitty ended with: “I have never felt more hale and hearty in my life.” What a gift!

“Dream Comes True for Disabled Teen Who Fled Mariupol” in the WSJ (June 8) told the story of Misha, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome, who does not speak. To get her son to leave his familiar routine, his mother told him they were on their way to meet his favorite wrestling hero. Journalists Maryna Dubyna and Alistair McDonald, told that pro wrestler John Cena read about their arduous journey in an earlier WSJ article and arranged to meet them in the Netherlands. After they arrived in the new country, Misha was confused by his new location and angry about not meeting his hero. When Cena visited them, Misha’s mother cried at the sight of him wearing his full outfit. Cena gave the teenager some gifts and they hugged. Misha smiled for the first time in months. Priceless.

The Soapbox article in PW (June 6) was about the children’s art that is coming out of Ukraine. Author Scott Russell Sanders wrote about crayon drawings of little girls in blue and yellow dancing on a tyrant’s body. Wow.

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