Pick and Choose

Jun 06, 2022 by Rose O'Keefe

Singletary, founder and president of Candles in the S.U.N. (Save Ur Neighborhood), is what people call an unsung hero. He described all neighborhood volunteers as heroes. I like what he’s been doing for years.

The Points of Progress two-page spread is often my favorite. Whether it was newly found ancient caves in Alabama, USA; replacing the marijuana and opium crops in Mexico with sustainable forestry; or farmland rejuvenated with 200 million trees allowed to grow back in Nigeria—they are all proof of good things happening in the world. Got to love the Austrian government’s giving rebates to repair rather than toss old devices. The pilot project saved 35,000 items from being trashed. Made me glad I’d taken a pair of clippers in to see if they could be sharpened after being left outside all winter. The repairman didn’t look at me like I was a jerk. I told him it was a good tool. He said he’d see what he could do.

It took more than one pass to make it through Roxane Gay’s essay, “Not Here to Make Friends” in Bad Feminist (2014). I got what she was saying when she wrote about unlikable characters being harshly judged and our wanting characters in books to be friends. Yes, at the moment, I would like a friend. An easy visitor. Someone to cheer me up, but not overpower. I’ve missed being on track with the Newbery Award winners and have two on hold at the library. Yes, I feel like a schoolgirl, hoping one of them will be a new friend.

An article in the Costco Connection (June 2022) caught my eye. Consumer reporter Laura Bode gave a good overview of the four different kinds of cultured pearls: freshwater, South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian. I really like pearls and it was fun to look them over, wondering which ones I would choose. I’ve known at least one wonderful woman named Pearl.

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