The Six Month Mark

Aug 30, 2023 by Rose O'Keefe

Also last week, I did the kind of tidying up that keeps me happy. On a cloudy, muggy day, as I sorted through cookbooks and recipes in one of my pantry drawers,  I found a book my mother gave me in 1975: Grannie’s Remedies, (1965) by Mai Thomas. I enjoyed skimming through the author’s grandmother’s everyday wisdom and herbal recipes from Wales, and maybe that’s what planted the seed to find an unnamed paternal great-grandmother from Wales. Over forty years later, I started searching my family tree through Ancestry. The best part of Remedies was reading my late mother’s signing it to me “and my future gardens.” Thanks, Mom.

Tiny peeve: My city branch library doesn’t close at the same time each day. So yesterday, when I stopped by at 5:15 to drop off some books and pick up some I was looking forward to,  it had already closed.  Pooh. So much for delayed gratification. #rowing; #ROCCREW; #GeneseeRiver; #heartsurgery; #URMCCanalView; #GranniesRemedies; #MaiThomas; #citylibrary; #delayedgratification;