Dec 31, 2022 by Rose O'Keefe

One of my resolutions for 2022 was to read all 100 Newbery Award winners starting with 1922. So far I’m up to the unusual, The Twenty-One Balloons (1947) by author, illustrator William Pène du Bois and Seabird (1948) written and illustrated by Holling C. Holling. It’s been good.

Thursday’s Rochester Democrat and Chronicle had a satisfying article by Matthew Korfhage and Adria R. Walker about community efforts in East Buffalo, NY to reverse the food desert. In a neighborhood once called the Fruit Belt, people have come together to bring food to their own. It was uplifting, and timely. Again from the DandC, thanks for the laughs from the daily comics.

I tried lubricating vs. dry-eye relief eyedrops for the first time, at my doctor’s suggestion. What a difference. I have several sets of flannel sheets. One set is thicker than the others, and carried me through last week’s bitter cold. What a comfort!

The Christian Science Monitor and Rochester’s monthly City News, keep me happy. I only read the obits in The Economist, and the one on Dec. 17 for Johnny Johnson, a British WWII squadron leader was memorable. My two favorite segments of PBS Nightly News: “Canvas” and “My Brief But Spectacular Take” keep me uplifted.  

Knowing my accountability consultant, Laura Thorne of Wildebeest Publishing, is there for me for the long haul, helps me stay sane. Even though I locked myself out of my new iPad for 13 days with too many flubbed passcode attempts, I am thankful for new technology that prods me to stay current.

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