Apr 05, 2022 by Rose O'Keefe

Once again, thank you to the Christian Scientist Monitor Weekly (March 28) for the marvelous two-page photo of elephants as guests at a National Elephant Day party on March 13 in Pattaya, Thailand. How delightful! The Over Heard page on Rethinking Workplace Accommodations and the benefits of creating a win-win arrangement for workers with disabilities and employers, was an uplifting vision of good changes at work.

The Profiles in Leadership caught me by surprise, because I traveled to NOLA for the first time a few weeks ago and visited the Whitney Plantation in Wallace, LA. The profile on Chef Ederique Goudia’s give-back to her community in Wallace made me smile. That she and a whole group from Detroit arranged a community feast for a small town still hit hard by Hurricane Ida was wonderful. Yes, my family and I visited the remarkable plantation, saw the statues of children like the one she is pictured next to, and the roof on the church was still under repair. Now called Antioch Baptist Church, when it was founded in 1868 by formerly enslaved workers, they called it Anti-Yoke Church.

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