On Being a Wannabe

Oct 10, 2022 by Rose O'Keefe

Another feature, “Keeping the Peace, A tale of two homeless camps” by Gino Fanelli, was, on the one hand good in its honest look at a nasty problem, and also a downer in that the problems in an illegal camp are tough to resolve. Rochester has 800 neighbors whose lives have been upended by not having a place to live and worsened by addictions. In reply to the question of which came first, Fanelli clearly stated the nightmare of addiction often followed losing a place to stay rather than the other way around.

Daniel J. Kushner’s article in Book Smarts, “Graphic Lessons” on local artist Brian Yanish’s path to success was a full of surprises. Not everyone who got hooked on cartoons as a kid managed to make a career out of it, or worked on “The Muppets, or promoted an art project on “Sesame Street.” That Yanish has also succeeded at giving young reader something he never got, a silly way to overcome anxiety, was timely and important. Thank you City for well-rounded community coverage.

Time magazine’s feature, “What Serena Gave the World,” (Sept. 12-19) on Serena Williams, was worth keeping until I had a chance to get to it. Sean Gregory gave a clear picture of her career, as well as of her back story. The cover photo and two-page photo spread were awe inspiring. Sitting in an airport gave me time to read about the gun industry in New York state and around the country, the mess between Elon Musk and Twitter, and Saudi Arabia’s plans to be a leader in green technology. Good reading!

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