Nov 11, 2023 by Rose O'Keefe

When I had to rest up after surgery eight months ago, magazines like the monthly CITY, brightened my day – and still do. The November 2023 issue on food and drink had a lively blend of photos of people and food, and the events calendar was entertaining without having to leave the house. In Jeff Spevak’s “End of an Error,” he gave a memorable overview of his 44-year career. Well done.

The latest issue of the Friends of Mount Hope’s quarterly Epitaph, “Marker, Monuments, Mausoleums & More” just arrived this week. Congratulations to contributors Cynthia Howk, Sarah Johnson, Mary Ellen Capineri, Chris Grooms, Daniel M. Ammon II, Marjorie Searl, and writer/editor/board president Kristine Klein, for a satisfying issue.  

The last page of the AARP magazine, Big5-Oh is where I started in the October November issue to see who’d reached which milestones That Chevy Chase, Catherine Deneuve and Billy Jean King all reached their 80th, felt encouraging. Henry Winkler’s interview was thought-provoking. The article about driving in the dark, very timely, and the tip to have headlights adjusted and casings replaced very helpful.

What a good time at the Rochester Children’s Book Festival last week, when I made my first sale of All Right for All: Working for Justice to the one-and-only Lesa Cline Ransome!  I also forwarded the Amazon link— – to scholar Celeste Marie Bernier who coined the phrase invisibilization about people who have been left out of conventional history. I planned to mail her a copy, but she replied that she had ordered her own! Yeah!

Missing May, the 1993 Newbery-Award winner by Cynthia Rylant took me by surprise. May, the deceased stand-in mother to the main character, Summer, an orphaned girl, was as real as May’s frail husband, Ob, and the odd teenage neighbor Cletus. They were all invisibilized people with worthwhile stories to share.  #CITYmagazine; #FOMHRochesterNY; #Epitaph; #AARPmagazine; #birthdaymilestone; #AllRightsfor All; #RCBF; #LesaClineRansome; #MissingMay; #CynthiaRylant; #CelesteMarieBernier; #invisibilization;