Oct 01, 2023 by Rose O'Keefe

Equally happy congratulations to me: All Rights for All: Working for Justice is now available as an eBook through IngramSpark. The paperback is still in the works. So close!

Jerry Spinelli’s 1991 Newbery-Award-winner Maniac Magee was a real page-turner set near Philadelphia PA.  Some parts of the story were outlandish tall tales, but the degree of abandonment the resourceful Jeffrey Magee endured was stunning.

The time, place, and setting in Lois Lowry’s 1990 Newbery-Award-winning novel  Number the Stars were all vivid and clear. The story showed the loss of childhood innocence for three girls and their families in WWII in Denmark. Impressive.

While I wish I could have had another person to read through Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices, I got the gist of this inventive little book on my own. Paul Fleischman’s 1989 award winner, also had marvelous illustrations by Eric Beddows.

On a different note, a week ago, we bought a loaf of “Beet It” sourdough rye at Martin’s Farmstand in Potsdam, NY. Oh my, how delicious! Reading the label was a surprise: wheat, spelt, rye, beets, Earl Gray tea, orange peel and salt. So good. #43WindthropeRoad; #JoanneRussoInsull; #AllRightsforAll; #JerrySpinelli; #ManiacMagee;  #NumbertheStars; #LoisLowry; #NewberyAward; #JoyfulNoise; #PaulFleischman; #EricBeddows; #Beetit; #sourdough; #PotsdamNY; #