Catch Up

Apr 18, 2022 by Rose O'Keefe

Rochester’s own City magazine had a good report in the April issue by Lauren Petracca on five start-ups that blossomed during the pandemic. Each was different from the other: Yeah Baby! Bakes, started by a school teacher; Golden Supply & Mfg. Co, a men’s supply and home goods store started by four male friends; MidCentury585, refurbished furniture by a couple who, by hard work, were in the right place when furniture purchases were backlogged; Raquel Wellness Massage Therapy who works with teachers, nurses and first responders; and Petite Paper Stories, unique miniature paper art. What a tribute to the mix of creativity and ambition!

In the online issue of Biographer’s Craft  of Biography International Organization, I enjoyed the article by Dana Munker in the Correspondent’s Desk section. Sally Cook’s book about a tennis champ, labeled a “killer in pigtails is due out next March. The Life of Maureen, “Little Mo” Connelly” is about a girl who decided at an early age to become number one in the tennis world. In 1958, Connelly won all four of the big titles: Wimbledon, U.S., French and Australian opens, at age 18. Her rise to the top and her life off court were complicated.

Along the same lines, the interview of Kathleen Courtenay Stone about her March book, They Called Us Girls, Stories of Female Ambition from Suffrage to Mad Men was fascinating. Stone is a retired lawyer, who wrote about seven women in their 80s and 90s. She interviewed them and their families and friends to find out what made them succeed in changing times.

Silly me. With all the serious events in the world, I got a kick out of Western New York County as 31 down in the Words-in-the-News puzzle. First thought, Monroe for where I live. Correct answer? Niagara. Thanks again Christian Science Monitor (April 4) for the smile.

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