Jul 01, 2024 by Rose O'Keefe

That’s because in 2009, I joined a local group called RACWI, Rochester Area Children’s Writers and Illustrators, and for several years RACWI held a meeting to discuss the annual honorees and award winners. I remember popping up at a RACWI meeting to share how much I had enjoyed The Last Stop on Market Street, the 21016 winner by Matt de la Pena, so beautifully illustrated by Christian Robinson.

I had thoroughly enjoyed the original style, authentic voices and riveting plot in Kwame Alexander’s Crossover, the 2015 winner, and very much enjoyed rereading it. Last week, while I was at the library, I also took out Alexander’s 2016 book, Booked and breezed through it for the same reasons – so original and fresh!

Thank you to RACWI, the national group SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers & Illustrators) and the many authors and illustrators who have blessed me with so much satisfaction from the magic of a book. #NewberyAwards; #RACWI; #SCBWI; #LastStoponMarketStreet; #MattdelaPena; #ChristianRobinson; #cityliving; #KwameAlexander; #Crossover; #Booked; #blessings;